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Who We Are

Greensburg GreenTown is a charitable nonprofit organization working in Greensburg, Kansas to rebuild the town following the devastating tornado in May of 2007. The town has made a remarkable comeback, reinventing itself as a model for sustainable building and green living now recognized around the world. GreenTown works to make green building and living easily understood, appealing and accessible to all.

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Alternative Fuel Vehicle Show Held 10/16

The Wichita-Greensburg Green Alliance hosted the first public showing of the nationally renowned Linc Volt from local entrepreneur and owner of H-line conversions, Johnathan Goodwin. The event was held in Wichita at the conference of The North American Association for Environmental Education. The public was also welcomed to view this state-of- the-art piece of technology before it was transported to San Francisco to be displayed. The car is owned by musician Neil Young, who has been an active partner in helping bring the vision of this vehicle to reality. Go to www.lincvolt.com to find out more.

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GreenTown Board Plans for the Future

Facilitator Rich Male, GreenTown Vice-Chair Mary Melton, and Chair Jackie Robertson

The Board of Directors met on October 5 for an all-day retreat and planning session. Facilitator Rich Male, a seasoned board trainer based in Denver, was on hand to lead the group through an intensive day of visioning and goal-setting. The Board revisited and updated the organizational mission statement, examined its strengths and challenges, and made plans for the next year of operation. Rich describes the board as "strong, courageous and very warm."

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AT&T Delivers a Most Generous Gift

Left to right: GreenTown Board Member Bob Mosier, AT&T Director for External Affairs Richard Shank, Eco-Homes Project Manager Mason Earles, GreenTown Director Daniel Wallach, Eco-Homes Project Manager Emily Schlickman, and Kansas State Representative Dennis McKinney

GreenTown's Eco-Homes Project is the deeply grateful recipient of a $50,000 contribution from AT&T. The ceremonial check was graciously delivered by Richard Shank, AT&T Director for External Affairs, who is headquartered in Hutchinson, Kansas. The company issued a press release on September 22 in which they discuss their anchor support of the innovative project, which will eventually build up to a dozen state-of-the-art, sustainable homes in Greensburg. Each will serve as "living laboratory" where Greensburg residents can learn about sustainable housing, and also as eco-lodging for visitors wishing to experience different types of eco-friendly building methods and technologies.

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A Fun Gift for the Kids of Greensburg

Hobbymasters, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest hobby stores in the country with two floors and over 7,000 square feet of hobbies, in operation since 1975.

Hobbymasters is a retail hobby shop located in Red Bank, New Jersey. Inspired by what Greensburg is doing, they held a fundraising event in their store, bringing in donations for the Green Initiative and raising awareness among their customers. They raised over $750 in cash and also sent two huge cartons of toys, including science experiments that demonstrate concepts of renewable energy and green living. Some of their products will be on display at GreenTown's Green Visitors Center (behind the KwikShop), and the rest will be delivered to the Greensburg schools.

Many thanks to the crew at Hobbymasters for their heartfelt expression of support for Greensburg and the Green Initiative. This is one of our most fun gifts to date!


U. of Colorado Committed to Eco-Homes Project

CU Instructors Rob Pyatt & Rick Sommerfeld discuss possibilities for a site for the Eco-Homes Project.

A group of a dozen students from the University of Colorado College of Architecture and Planning, accompanied by three professors, paid a weekend visit to Greensburg. They are committed to participating in GreenTown’s Chain of Eco-Homes Project, and came to town to get the lay of the land, meet the staff, and gather information from the community about what kind of structure would be most appropriate and helpful. They are very enthusiastic about Greensburg’s rebuilding as a model green community. They spent the first half of Sunday touring the town with Eco-Home Project Managers Mason Earles & Emily Schlickman and GreenTown volunteer John Wickland.

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Meglio Generosity Benefits Kiowa County Businesses and Residents

Daniel Wallach, GreenTown; Sarah Massie, Meglio-ESI; Laura Stoltenberg, Kiowa County Housing

At the September 9 meeting of the Kiowa County Business Redevelopment Group, manufacturers’ rep Sarah Massie announced a generous discount program for all county residents. Sarah works for Meglio-ESI (Olathe, Kansas), a company that represents 19 different electrical manufacturers. Her territory includes all of her home state of Kansas. Ever since the tornado, she has been brainstorming how to best help the local community. Once everybody “got their bearings”, Sarah sprang into action and set up a program through which people can purchase a wide range of products from companies that she represents.

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KSU Group Visits Greensburg to Partner on Eco-Home

KSU Professor Gary Coates and his architecture students scope out potential sites for the Eco-Home they are collaborating on with Xtreme Homes & GreenTown.

Students from Kansas State University's College of Architecture, Planning and Design, led by Professor Gary Coates, paid a visit to Greensburg on September 15. The students shared a PowerPoint presentation with GreenTown staff and local residents which outlined the ideas and values they'd like to incorporate into the design of their Eco-Home. Citing themes of "Rethinking the Way We Live" and "Do More with Less", they presented ideas for a home that will incorporate the values and preferences of the local community. Key concepts include affordability, modest size, user-friendly design, and flexibility. The architecture class is also interested in helping with the overall design and feel of Greensburg’s neighborhoods, and solicited feedback from the assembled group as to what qualities are most important. GreenTown is grateful for KSU's vision and enthusiasm for this project, and we will keep readers updated as the Eco-Home takes shape.


Visions of Greensburg...

On Monday, September 15, students from the KSU College of Architecture, Planning & Design, accompanied by Professor Gary Coates, will come to Greensburg to meet with local residents. They will be working on an overall vision for the neighborhoods and want to get feedback from folks about how they want the community to look and feel, long-term. We'll meet at 2 p.m. Monday at 530 East Wisconsin (NW corner of Wisconsin and Olive). Please call Daniel Wallach with any questions about this meeting: 620-549-3752.

KSU is also involved in developing a design for one of GreenTown's Demonstration Eco-Homes. More on that project soon!


Viega Brings Gifts to Kiowa County

Viega team members present the Manabloc plumbing system to local community representatives on August 7. Left to right: Jeff Courtney, Viega Project Manager; Daniel Wallach, Director of Greensburg GreenTown; Bob Dixson, Mayor of Greensburg; Christian Geisthoff, Viega Vice-President of Marketing; Steve Hewitt, Greensburg City Administrator; and Adina Barnes, Viega Director of Marketing.

A vanload of folks from Viega (pronounced Vee'-guh) North America rolled into Greensburg on August 7, bringing a substantial donation to the County. Viega is a plumbing and heating company founded in Germany in the late nineteenth century, which has its North American headquarters in Wichita and its manufacturing plant in McPherson. They are inspired by the local green rebuilding effort and are excited to participate. They have committed a gift of 300 Manabloc systems to people in Kiowa County who are rebuilding.

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Thank a Donor Today!

For you Greensburg area folks who've received gifts from our generous contributors, following are their mailing addresses if you'd like to drop them a note. The donors who have already received acknowledgment report to us how much it means to them to hear how their donations have affected people's lives.

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