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Who We Are

Greensburg GreenTown is a charitable nonprofit organization working in Greensburg, Kansas to rebuild the town following the devastating tornado in May of 2007. The town has made a remarkable comeback, reinventing itself as a model for sustainable building and green living now recognized around the world. GreenTown works to make green building and living easily understood, appealing and accessible to all.

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GreenTown Breaks Ground on First Eco-Home

Left to right: Mayor Bob Dixson, City Administrator Steve Hewitt, property donor Kim Gamble, GreenTown Board Chair Jackie Robertson, GreenTown staff Mason Earles, Executive Director Daniel Wallach, Program Director Catherine Hart, GreenTown staff John Wickland, GreenTown staff Emily Schlickman, AT&T Director for External Affairs Richard Shank, and Armour Homes General Manager David Moffitt

Last Thursday’s groundbreaking for the first Eco-Home was a very special event for GreenTown. We were happy to see so many friends and supporters come by to hear about the project, meet the builders, and watch the ceremonial turning of the soil. The ceremony got underway as T.J. Lawson, Pastor of Greensburg’s First Christian Church, opened with a prayer. Daniel Wallach, GreenTown’s Director, welcomed guests and introduced the people who have made this project possible: the funders, builders, staff and board. Daniel singled out the efforts of City Administrator Steve Hewitt in keeping the vision and momentum going. He acknowledged that the entire town worked together like a “symphony orchestra” to give vitality to the recovery and the Green Initiative. Board Chair Jackie Robertson thanked the staff and talked about the importance of the Green Initiative and GreenTown’s role in it. Mayor Bob Dixson welcomed people and spoke of the import of the town’s direction related to sustainability. And David Moffitt, General Manager of Armour Homes, described how his company feels privileged to be a part of this project.

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KSU Presentation of Green Model Homes

The Architecture class from Kansas State University has been working diligently on a project they hope will be of great benefit to the community. They have spent the semester designing affordable, sustainable homes – the plans for which will be available to people who are rebuilding. These architectural plans will be available both in booklet form and on CD.

The students, along with Professor Gary Coates, will return to town on Sunday, December 14, to present the final models and plans to the community.Previously, the class had spent an afternoon in October showing drafts of proposed homes and garnering feedback from local residents. They wanted to be sure to incorporate people’s comments and concerns when they went “back to the drawing board” and honed their models.

These students have taken the feedback they received in October and are coming to town with their new plans. They are eager to show the community their final designs, and look forward to meeting with people to share their gift.

For residents who want to meet with the students on Sunday afternoon at the 5.4.7 Arts Center, please call the GreenTown office (620-723-2790) and we’ll get you an appointment between 3:30 and 5:00 so you can getan individual meeting.The KSU models will be on display from Sunday through Friday, December 19 – so if you just want to take a look, you can drop by anytime during that week when the Center is open.


Thursday's Groundbreaking Will Launch Eco-Homes Project

After months of intensive planning, Greensburg GreenTown will launch its Eco-Homes Project with Thursday’s groundbreaking for the first in the series of green demonstration homes. The event will be held Thursday, December 11 at 3:30 p.m. at the GreenTown lot located at 402 South Sycamore in Greensburg.

This home, dubbed the Silo Eco-Home, will be built using the same method and materials typically used to construct a silo. Florida-based Armour Homes has designed and will build this structure. They bring a wealth of experience and a great deal of enthusiasm for helping Greensburg come back strong.

Some of the green features of this home include passive ventilation, a green roof with a vegetable garden, a cistern for water catchment, photovoltaic cells for solar-powered electricity, natural daylighting, dual-flush toilets and other water-saving features, native species in the landscape. Additionally, the home is designed to sustain winds of 200 m.p.h., so it will be a safe home as well as a sustainable one. Once completed, the home will serve two functions: a “living science museum” by day, whereby residents and visitors can tour and learn about the various cutting-edge technologies contained within the building; it will provide lodging by night. People will be able spend the night and experience what it feels like to live in such a strong, green building, packed full of green living products, furniture, and appliances.

This home will be the first of as many as a dozen in GreenTown’s plans for fostering eco-tourism in Greensburg. It is projected to be finished by the second anniversary of the tornado in May. Eco-tourism is an important component of Greenburg’s comeback as a model green community. The Eco-Homes Project will feature a wide array of building techniques that will highlight energy efficiency and sustainability. Other homes in the project include one of straw bale construction, one designed by Greensburg native Robert McLaughlin, and the winner of the 2005 Solar Decathlon built by the University of Colorado which is being donated to the GreenTown project. It is anticipated that people from throughout the world will visit these unique homes in this most unique town.

Armour Homes is the Core Sponsor of the Silo Eco-Home. Anchor Sponsors for the overall Chain of Eco-Homes Project are: AT&T, Ogden Publications (publisher of Mother Earth News, Natural Home and eight other magazines), Evolve Showerheads, Caroma (manufacturer of innovative bathroom products, including dual-flush toilets), and Viega (manufacturer of plumbing-related products and systems).


Green Building Workshop December 6 - For All Skill Levels

Call the GreenTown office for more info: 620-723-2790
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Take $10 off when you register by Friday, Nov. 21


Eco-Friendly Paint Donated

Last month, we at GreenTown were delighted by a visit from Jimmy Price and his son Jeff Price from Virginia Lime Works in Madison Heights, Virginia. The Prices operate a family-owned business which manufactures a lime-based paint that is totally environmentally friendly. After watching the “Greensburg” series on television, Jimmy felt compelled to donate a pallet of paint to the community. The Prices came to town to see first-hand what is happening with the rebuilding, to demonstrate how their paint can be most effectively utilized, and to explore with GreenTown staff how they might get further involved in local projects. Lime paint is a 6,000 year old “technology” which is non-toxic, and which actually absorbs carbon dioxide from the air.

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Alternative Fuel Vehicle Show Held 10/16

The Wichita-Greensburg Green Alliance hosted the first public showing of the nationally renowned Linc Volt from local entrepreneur and owner of H-line conversions, Johnathan Goodwin. The event was held in Wichita at the conference of The North American Association for Environmental Education. The public was also welcomed to view this state-of- the-art piece of technology before it was transported to San Francisco to be displayed. The car is owned by musician Neil Young, who has been an active partner in helping bring the vision of this vehicle to reality. Go to www.lincvolt.com to find out more.

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GreenTown Board Plans for the Future

Facilitator Rich Male, GreenTown Vice-Chair Mary Melton, and Chair Jackie Robertson

The Board of Directors met on October 5 for an all-day retreat and planning session. Facilitator Rich Male, a seasoned board trainer based in Denver, was on hand to lead the group through an intensive day of visioning and goal-setting. The Board revisited and updated the organizational mission statement, examined its strengths and challenges, and made plans for the next year of operation. Rich describes the board as "strong, courageous and very warm."

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AT&T Delivers a Most Generous Gift

Left to right: GreenTown Board Member Bob Mosier, AT&T Director for External Affairs Richard Shank, Eco-Homes Project Manager Mason Earles, GreenTown Director Daniel Wallach, Eco-Homes Project Manager Emily Schlickman, and Kansas State Representative Dennis McKinney

GreenTown's Eco-Homes Project is the deeply grateful recipient of a $50,000 contribution from AT&T. The ceremonial check was graciously delivered by Richard Shank, AT&T Director for External Affairs, who is headquartered in Hutchinson, Kansas. The company issued a press release on September 22 in which they discuss their anchor support of the innovative project, which will eventually build up to a dozen state-of-the-art, sustainable homes in Greensburg. Each will serve as "living laboratory" where Greensburg residents can learn about sustainable housing, and also as eco-lodging for visitors wishing to experience different types of eco-friendly building methods and technologies.

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A Fun Gift for the Kids of Greensburg

Hobbymasters, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest hobby stores in the country with two floors and over 7,000 square feet of hobbies, in operation since 1975.

Hobbymasters is a retail hobby shop located in Red Bank, New Jersey. Inspired by what Greensburg is doing, they held a fundraising event in their store, bringing in donations for the Green Initiative and raising awareness among their customers. They raised over $750 in cash and also sent two huge cartons of toys, including science experiments that demonstrate concepts of renewable energy and green living. Some of their products will be on display at GreenTown's Green Visitors Center (behind the KwikShop), and the rest will be delivered to the Greensburg schools.

Many thanks to the crew at Hobbymasters for their heartfelt expression of support for Greensburg and the Green Initiative. This is one of our most fun gifts to date!


U. of Colorado Committed to Eco-Homes Project

CU Instructors Rob Pyatt & Rick Sommerfeld discuss possibilities for a site for the Eco-Homes Project.

A group of a dozen students from the University of Colorado College of Architecture and Planning, accompanied by three professors, paid a weekend visit to Greensburg. They are committed to participating in GreenTown’s Chain of Eco-Homes Project, and came to town to get the lay of the land, meet the staff, and gather information from the community about what kind of structure would be most appropriate and helpful. They are very enthusiastic about Greensburg’s rebuilding as a model green community. They spent the first half of Sunday touring the town with Eco-Home Project Managers Mason Earles & Emily Schlickman and GreenTown volunteer John Wickland.

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